Alderbrook Farm

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“I feel passionate about wool. I was brought up in the Cotswold Hills and the farming of Cotswold sheep has built the manor houses and churches here and given this region its rich heritage.”

Adam Henson, Farmer and  BBC Countryfile presenter.

For the past four years, my ewes have gone to rams hired from Rob Harvey Long. Rob’s prizewinning Pickwick stock have won many awards including the Cotswold Golden Fleece Challenge Trophy, and in 2008 the Bi-annual National Sheep Association’s fleece competition with a fleece scoring 99/100 beating all other breeds including Merino.

Gorgeous, soft, creamy-golden coloured, and lustrous, this wool just makes you want to bury your hands deep into it.

Fleeces available from June.

Lambswool fleece available in October.

Please e-mail for availability and prices.


Bradford Count: 44s - 48s

Micron Count: 34-40

Staple Length: 15 - 20cm

Fleece weight 5.5 – 10kg